Medical Grade Peel

Visia Skin Complexion Analysis

The Visia Skin Complexion Analysis is a few minutes skin analysis by using a state-of- art camera that offer an objective evaluation of the skin health.Results from Visia Skin Complexion Analysis offers clients an objective evaluation of skin health. It evaluate

– SPOTS: Spots are typically brown or red skin lesions including freckles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and vascular lesions.

– WRINKLES: Wrinkles are furrows, folds or creases in the skin.

– TEXTURE: Texture is primarily an analysis of skin smoothness.

– PORES: Pores are the circular surface openings of sweat gland ducts.

– UV SPOTS: UV Spots occur when melanin coagulates below the skin surface as a result of sun damage.

– BROWN SPOTS: Brown Spots are lesions on the skin such as hyper-pigmentation, freckles, lentigines, and melasma.

– RED AREAS: Red Areas represent a variety of conditions, such asacne, inflammation, Rosacea or spider veins.

– PORPHYRINS: Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that can become lodged in pores and lead to acne.

By providing a comprehensive photo-assessment, Visia Skin Complexion Analysis serves as a baseline for future assessments and allows an individualised treatment plan.

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