Rosacea is a common skin disease generally characterized by red, flushed areas of the skin.  Often noticed on the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, and ears, the signs of Rosacea can also appear on areas of the body, such as the back and chest.

The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown, and therefore hard to avoid, making Rosacea extremely frustrating.

But there are potential triggers factors needs to avoid:

-Spicy food, alcohol, hot beverage and caffeine

-Sun exposure and hot baths

-Emotional stress and strenuous exercise

-Cetain Cosmetic and skin products containing alcohol and glycolic Acid

Rosacea can be divided into four sub-types

 Type 1: Facial Redness

-Frequent, intermittent flushing, dry skin with few broken tiny blood vessels “telangiectasia”

Type 2: Bumps or Pimples

-Flushing becoming more frequent with more telangiectasia

-Appearance of papules (bumps) or pustules (bumps filled with fluids)

Type 3: Thickening of the Skin

-Thickening of the skin with appearance of nodules and more Telangiectasia -Rhinophyma “enlargement of the nose”

Type 4: Irritation of the eyes

-Red dry eyes

-Gritting sensation with itchy and teary eyes

-Light sensitivity of the eyes

-Blurry vision

We combine different type of treatments depending on the individual’s needs and the progress of the condition.

All assessment and treatment provided by Dr EL-BAKY.



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