Lip Enhancement

Lips are such a central, sensual part of our face, where people’s eyes rest as we speak or smile.

As we age, there is often some thinning of the lips, the mouth angle begin to droop and the cupid’s bow loses its shape. Volume loss and develop of fine wrinkles around the lips can lead to “lipstick bleed”.

Enhancing the lip area with temporary fillers giving you the kissable lips you deserve and can include:

-Defining the lip line

-Adding volume

-Filling vertical lip lines

-Corrections of mouth angle droop

Dermal fillers are a gel like substance made from the same naturally occurring complex sugar called Hyaluronic acid found within the tissue of living cells including our skin.

Dermal fillers administered through injection after numbing the treated area with topical local anesthesia or nerve block depends on the product being used and area being treated.

Dermal fillers for lips results can be seen immediately and lasts from 12-14 months depends what type of dermal fillers used and area being treated.

All assessments and treatments are provided by DR EL-BAKY.

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