Sebaceous glands is a gland that produce natural oil through an opening on the skin surface called pores to moist the skin. A blockage of the pores and the growth of certain type bacteria on the skin caused Acne.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the acne can present with a variety of features:

-Comedones or whiteheads (closed plugged pores)

-Blackheads (open plugged pores — white head turns brow when it is exposed to air)

-Pimples (small tender red lumps which can have pus at their tips)

-Cystic lesion (large painful lumps under the skin surface which can be pus-filled)

Untreated acne will cause ugly scaring:

-Rolling scars – wide base

-Ice pick – narrow and deep

-Boxcar scars – round or oval indented

There is different treatment of acne and acne scar according to severity and type of acne scar.

Tips for Acne Suffers:

-Wash your face very well few times a day to remove sweat, dust and dirt particles, which can block your glands pores.
-Do not ‘pop’ pimples. This can both spread bacteria and cause scarring.
-Proper diet with plenty of water is must for healthy looking skin.
-Avoid hats, headbands, and helmets. They can hold an accumulation of sweat, dust and dirt particles which can block your glands pores

We combine different type of treatments depending on the individual’s needs and the progress of the condition

All assessment and treatment provided by Dr EL-BAKY.



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